About Us

The Project

SepiaTown is a cultural history project whose goal is to provide both a window to the past by merging photography, geography, and technology, as well as a forum for institutions and individuals to share and map historical images. We welcome archival images from collections large and small.

The Team

Jon Protas (Founder and Institutional Relations Lead)
Jon is a photo editor for the Wall Street Journal. His longtime passion for history, photography and a desire for time travel were the inspiration behind the creation of SepiaTown.

If he could time travel to any point and time it would be England in the Enlightenment, to hang out with Samuel Pepys and his posse. Then again, there was an awful lot of plague going around...

Eric Warren (Co-Founder and Technical Lead)
Eric is a software engineer for TomTom. He enjoys history, his father was a professional photographer, and, as stated, he works for a mapping/navigation company... in short, it might be more surprising if he wasn't part of the project.

If he could time travel to any point and time it would be to any point and time in which he could have an exhaustive conversation with Bill Belichick about the game of football... past, present, and future.

Eric Lehnartz (Co-Founder and User Experience & Content Lead)
Eric is a graphic designer and vintage postcard enthusiast. He likes minimalist design and has a penchant for mapping hard-to-locate images.

If he could time travel to any point and time it would be Kennedy-era SoCal where he'd play baritone guitar in a nascent Surf Band, drive a Woody Wagon (early 50s Mercury), and ride the sky-tram at Pacific Ocean Park.

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