Looking East up Talman Street Toward Bridge Street

Talman Street (now gone) ran from Jay Street to Bridge Street between York and Prospect Street.

Brooklyn, NY, USA, 1936

Day of Photograph: May 22, 1936

Photographer: Berenice Abbott, , 1898-1991.

Talman Street can be seen on this map


This photo was taken by Berenice Abbot as part of her Federal Art Project sponsored, "Changing New York" project.

The Federal Art Project (FAP) was the visual arts arm of FDR's New Deal program know as the Works Progress Administration (WPA). During its eight year life the FAP employed hundreds of otherwise unemployed artists including significant figures like Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Thomas Hart Benton, Phillip Guston, Stuart Davis, Ben Shahn, Jacob Lawrence, Berenice Abbot, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, and Lee Krasner.

The FAP produced over a 100,000 separate works of art including paintings, posters and public murals (many of which still stand today).

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