The Adolph Sutro Mansion, Sutro Heights

San Francisco, CA, USA, date unknown

Starting in 1880s, large tracts of land on San Francisco's northwest corner were purchased by Adolph Sutro, a German-Jewish immigrant who had made a fortune building a tunnel to drain the mines of The Comstock Lode in Nevada .

Over a 15 year period he constructed a number of venues and landmarks that became popular fixtures on the San Francisco coast for generations. Among these were the Sutro Baths, the Sutro Forrest, the Sutro Heights Parapet and Dolce far Niente Balcony as well as the gardens of his own mansion which were opened to the public.
The grandest of his projects was the third cliff house, a seven-story Victorian monstrosity that became and has remained the most famous and beloved incarnation of the Cliff House.

The giant Cliff House and Sutro Baths were opened in 1896. The Cliff House stood for a mere11 years. It survived the 1906 Earthquake but burned to the ground just a year later. The Sutro Baths burned in 1966.

Aldolph Suto was the 24th mayor of San Francisco, serving from 1894 until 1896.

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