Blaxland's Tree

Katoomba, Australia, 1900

Silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in portrait format. The image depicts Explorer's Tree at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The tree is depicted in the centre of the image, enclosed by a stone wall and wooden fence. A plaque is mounted on the wall and has the following inscription: 'This wall and fence has been erected by the Hon. JS Farnell Esq Minister for Lands to preserve this tree marked by Blaxland, Lawson, Wentworth, being the farthest distance reached in their first attempt to cross the Blue Mountains in the Month of May AD 1813'. The wooden fence surrounding the tree contains graffiti including names and initials. Other large trees are depicted in the background of the image. The caption, studio mark and studio number are inscribed on the reverse of the negative.Explorer's Tree is an example of the use of 'historic trees' as memorials to events. The tree was enclosed within the stone wall and fence to protect it from vandalism.Glass negative, full plate, 'Blaxland's Tree, Katoomba', Kerry and Co, Sydney, Australia, c. 1884-1917.56/21 Tyrrell Inventory Number, 435 Kerry Studio Number

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